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In a recent article and tweet from Your Part-Time H.R. Manager’s Trusted Partner, Todd Cohen, Principal at Industrial U.I. Services, he wrote about a significant increase in fraudulent unemployment insurance claims filed over the past couple of months.

What Industrial U.I. has found is that false claims are filed in the names of current employees in the hope of receiving unemployment benefits from the state.  Unless the employee receives paperwork by mail from the state DOL, the employee may be unaware that a claim was filed in their name.

Todd encourages employers to review claims and U.I  charges carefully, and if the employee is still active and working, confirm the validity of the claim with the employee. Todd further states that employers should advise employees to forward to you any communication they receive from the  Department of Labor about claims they did not file.  

Industrial U.I. is in daily contact with fraud investigators in various states, as well as investigators from the Federal Office of the Inspector General, to ensure that these improper claims are canceled without penalty to the employees and employers.  But Todd reminds everyone that acting quickly in these matters will save any unwarranted U.I. charges and avoid the employee the trouble of having to deal with this inappropriate income when they file their personal income tax returns next year.

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